Control Point:
A Temporary Facility
Plymouth Arts Centre
Plymouth, UK

Control Point: A Temporary Facility, was a project curated by artists Sovay Berriman and Steven Paige. The exhibition took the form of a facility activated by the Operatives, the artists, who worked within it

Artists, writers and curators based in or around the city of Plymouth responded to an open call to be part of the project and become and Operative.

A series of activities, including seminars, screenings, dialogues and residencies investigated ideas around artist-led and independent activity, peer learning, the professionalism of visual arts and networking. 
This project offered artist and audience alike an opportunity to consider and examine how to accomplish significance and arm themselves with skills for artistic survival in the current climate.

This process fuelled real outcomes for visiting audiences, artists and the Operatives themselves. Whilst Control Point: a Temporary Facility expires January 2010, its influence continues to be felt in the new relationships formed through the exhibition and, in the living resource of the Operatives.

Agents: Lucy Brennan, Scott Daniels, David G Johns, William L Amery & Ben Langworthy.

Stewards: Rebekah Gibbons, Elise Darlow, Mickey Hey, Donna Howard, Ali Donkin, Frances Greenough, Gemma Kaye, Lauren Bishop, Ryan Curtis, Beth Helliwell, Beth Richards & Jon Russell.

Visiting Artists: Sam Venables,  The Royal Standard, Liverpool.
Naomi Hannam,  Back Lane West, Redruth, Cornwall.
Mark Player, Bristol Diving School.
Robin & Harry of An Endless Supply, Birmingham.

Motorcade/Flash Parade & Bristol Diving School, Bristol, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, An Endless Supply, Birmingham

Clare Thornton, Performance Re-enactment Society, Rhys Coren, Oliver Flaxman of PVAC, Marie-Anne McQuay, Spike Island, Bristol, Megan Wakefield UWE, Hannah Jones, Viewpoint Gallery, Jon Blyth and Tim Mills, Fotonow, Plymouth, Ed Adam. Alias and a-n, lowprofile, 24hr Comic, Cornwall, Geoff Cox, Kathryn Wynne, onec, Plymouth.
M. Institute 2007-2010

M. Institute - 2010 Part of Artist’s Wakes, curated Magnus Quaife, Bury Museum, Manchester, UK.

Plan & Action: Getting Things Done - March 2009
University College Falmouth.
Part of Spaces in Between, an audience development seminar programme, Arts Council England South West.

The Library - November 2008
Part of The Cover of a Book is the Beginning of a Journey, Arnofini, Bristol, UK.

The Library - July 2007, Morrab Library, Penzance, UK.

Radio Club - July 2007, Happidrome One, Lizard, UK.  

Pamphlets to date:

    Plan & Action

    Radio Club


  How to Manuals:
    Prevent or Survive a Monkey Attack

    Land an Airplane in an Emergency
    Survive a Volcanic Eruption
    Build Your Own Ham Radio
    Run 16 Laps of a 100 Metre Olympic Course
    Add Power to Your Baseball Swing
    Survive a Tsunami
    Hit a Baseball
    Study Morse Code
    Build Your Own Emergency Disaster Kit
    Survive a Nuclear War

Plan & Action 2006 - 2008 

M. Institute in collaboration with Michael Donnelly & Steven Paige

Performance, paint,strip lights, table, chairs, flipchart. 

M. Institute supports research and investigation into artists practice and collaboration. To date this has included producing How to Manuals, a library, public meeting areas, debates and discussions.

Initiated in 2006 as a portable project that would act as an umbrella or staging ground for projects to be realised.

It is a flexible and mutable, been resident in temporary locations from galleries to conferences with many different collaborators.