The Western Alliance

International Artist Residency & Research Programme.

Collaborators: Sovay Berriman, Paul Carter, Patrick Lowry, Steven Paige, Alison Sharkey, Oliver Sutherland, Rebecca Weeks & Alexandra Zeirle and Volkan Aslan and Is Oztat.

The Western Alliance, built upon the strengths and experience of the individual members, initially came together in order to facilitate access to international art and discourse for the group. However from that initial desire to attend the Istanbul biennial in 2009 a more complex range of activities and potential impacts have emerged which extend beyond benefits to the individuals concerned.

The Western Alliance sought to reverse the relationship they had already achieved with individuals and the culture of Istanbul, and wanted to establish a means of inviting artist/activators they had met in Istanbul to Cornwall in order to extend the dialogues that had begun to unfold. Alongside delivering dissemination events in venues across the South West to feedback research generated through the trip to the biennial, 'The Western Alliance' applied for and were selected by 'Visiting Arts' as recipients of the 'Artist to Artist 2010 Scheme' in order to enable them to invite artists Iz Oztat and Volkan Aslan to Cornwall in 2010 for a non productive residency. It was planned that the residency will culminate in a conference workshop, the format of which has been proposed by and will be led by The Western Alliance. The conference took place at the Delfina Foundation on the March 2010. The workshop also resulted in a publication created by the Uk based and Turkish artists, that made tangible the exchanges between all the artists involved nationally and internationally.