Auction Preview: Lionel Dobie Project HQ (91 Hewitt Street, M15 4GB)
Saturday 13th July 2013, 12.30 - 2pm

The Auction: Capes Dunn Auction House (38 Charles Street, M1 7DB)
Thursday 18th July 2013, 6 - 9pm
Auction from 7pm

Lot No
Hosted by Lionel Dobie Project (in association with Capes Dunn Fine Art Auctioneers)

To be auctioned is a collaboration with Steven Paige (here after known as the ‘artist’) where the winning bidder will have the absolute right to collaborate to an agreed end to make an ‘artwork’ within one year of auction. The terms and conditions of the collaboration are to be negotiated between the winning bidder of ‘Co-labor-ation’ and the artist.

How this materialises will be through negotiation with the winning bidder and the artist. This does not guarantee success or mutual satisfaction of the collaboration, only the absolute opportunity for this to take place. The success of the collaboration will rest on the winning bidder and artist being able to mutually agree and negotiate the terms and process and possible outcome of the project ‘Co-labor-ation’. If this does not take place after a concerted effort of both parties within the agreed time frame, the project, on mutual agreement will cease.

Ownership of the outcome of ‘Co-labor-ation’ will rest with the winning bidder and the artist and will be jointly owned (with all the associated rights that go along with this).


The plan and format of this is to be negotiated within 30 days of auction end and to be completed within one year of this date (a pro forma will be proved by the artist to support this process). The winning bidder does not need to be an artist in the first instance, but must be willing to enter into a state of mutuality, enquiry, optimism and chance. This agreement can only exist with the winning bidder and will be made invalid if sold or traded post auction. The maximum number days spent on the collaboration and production of an artwork will be set at approx. 5 days (using the 8 hour day agreement). This can take place at any time (within the year) and in any location, on mutual agreement of the wining bidder and artist.

Ownership of the outcome of ‘Co-labor-ation’ will rest with the winning bidder and artist. The winning bidder should be willing to enter into the ‘spirit’ of the collaboration.

Starting price: £1